Schooten, Frans van, 1615-1660,

Exercitationum mathematicarum / Francisci �a Schooten Leydensis, In Academia Lugduno-Batava Matheseos Professoris. - 1 online resource

"First published by Johannes Elzevier in 1657. Republished by Elsevier B.V. in 2014."

Liber primus. Propositionum Arithmeticarum et Geometricarum Centuriam -- Liber II. Constructione Problematum Simplicium Geometricorum seu Qu� solvi possunt, ducendo tant�um rectas lineas -- Liber III. Apollonii Perg�i Loca Plana Restituta -- Liber IV. Sive de Organica Conicarum Sectionum in Plano Descriptione, Tractatus, Geometris, Opticis, Pr�sertim ver� Gnomonicis & Mechanicis utilis -- Liber V. Sectiones triginta miscellaneas.

Like his father before him, Frans van Schooten (1615-1660) taught mathematics at Leiden University, among others to Christiaan Huygens. He is most famous for popularizing the geometric principles of Ren�e Descartes, but also wrote treatises of his own. The Elzeviers' Latin edition of this book of mathematical exercises was used at universities throughout Europe. Van Schooten's efforts made Leiden the centre of a strong mathematical community in the seventeenth century.

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