Natural Locomotion in Fluids and on Surfaces Swimming, Flying, and Sliding / [electronic resource] : edited by Stephen Childress, Anette Hosoi, William W. Schultz, Jane Wang. - XVI, 316 p. online resource. - The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, 155 0940-6573 ; . - The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, 155 .

This volume developed from a Workshop on Natural Locomotion in Fluids and on Surfaces: Swimming, Flying, and Sliding which was held at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) at the University of Minnesota, from June 1-5, 2010.  The subject matter ranged widely from observational data to theoretical mechanics, and reflected the broad scope of the workshop.  In both the prepared presentations and in the informal discussions, the workshop engaged exchanges across disciplines and invited a lively interaction between modelers and observers.   The articles in this volume were invited and fully refereed. They provide a representative if necessarily incomplete account of the field of natural locomotion during a period of rapid growth and expansion.  The papers presented at the workshop, and the contributions to the present volume, can be roughly divided into those pertaining to swimming on the scale of marine organisms, swimming of microorganisms at low Reynolds numbers, animal flight, and sliding and other related examples of locomotion.


10.1007/978-1-4614-3997-4 doi

System theory.
Numerical analysis.
Mathematical and Computational Biology.
Fluid- and Aerodynamics.
Numerical Analysis.
Systems Theory, Control.

QH323.5 QH324.2-324.25


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