Pseudo-Differential Operators: Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations International Workshop, York University, Canada, August 4–8, 2008 / [electronic resource] : edited by Bert-Wolfgang Schulze, M. W. Wong. - 300 p. online resource. - Operator Theory: Advances and Applications ; 205 . - Operator Theory: Advances and Applications ; 205 .

Boundary Value Problems with the Transmission Property -- Spectral Invariance of SG Pseudo-Differential Operators on L p ? n -- Edge-Degenerate Families of Pseudo-Differential Operators on an Infinite Cylinder -- Global Regularity and Stability in S-Spaces for Classes of Degenerate Shubin Operators -- Weyl’s Lemma and Converse Mean Value for Dunkl Operators -- Dirichlet Problems for Inhomogeneous Complex Mixed-Partial Differential Equations of Higher order in the Unit Disc: New View -- Dirichlet Problems for the Generalized n-Poisson Equation -- Schwarz, Riemann, Riemann-Hilbert Problems and Their Connections in Polydomains -- L p -Boundedness of Multilinear Pseudo-Differential Operators -- A Trace Formula for Nuclear Operators on L p -- Products of Two-Wavelet Multipliers and Their Traces -- Pseudo-Differential Operators on ? -- Pseudo-Differential Operators with Symbols in Modulation Spaces -- Phase-Space Differential Equations for Modes -- Two-Window Spectrograms and Their Integrals -- Time-Time Distributions for Discrete Wavelet Transforms -- The Stockwell Transform in Studying the Dynamics of Brain Functions.


10.1007/978-3-0346-0198-6 doi

Operator theory.
Partial differential equations.
Operator Theory.
Partial Differential Equations.



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