Gupta, Vijay.

Convergence Estimates in Approximation Theory [electronic resource] / by Vijay Gupta, Ravi P. Agarwal. - XIII, 361 p. online resource.

1. Preliminaries -- 2. Approximation by Certain Operators -- 3. Complete Asymptotic Expansion -- 4. Linear and Iterative Combinations -- 5. Better Approximation -- 6. Complex Operators in Compact Disks -- 7. Rate of Convergence for Functions of BV -- 8. Convergence for BV/Bounded Functions on Bezier Variants -- 9. Some More Results on Rate of Convergence -- 10. Rate of Convergence in Simultaneous Approximation -- 11. Future Scope and Open Problems.

The study of linear positive operators is an area of mathematical studies with significant relevance to studies of computer-aided geometric design, numerical analysis, and differential equations. This book focuses on the convergence of linear positive operators in real and complex domains. The theoretical aspects of these operators have been an active area of research over the past few decades. In this volume, authors Gupta and Agarwal explore new and more efficient methods of applying this research to studies in Optimization and Analysis. The text will be of interest to upper-level students seeking an introduction to the field and to researchers developing innovative approaches.


10.1007/978-3-319-02765-4 doi

Mathematical analysis.
Analysis (Mathematics).
Approximation theory.
Operator theory.
Partial differential equations.
Approximations and Expansions.
Operator Theory.
Partial Differential Equations.



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