Multidisciplinary Methods for Analysis Optimization and Control of Complex Systems [electronic resource] / edited by Vincenzo Capasso, Jacques Périaux. - XVI, 296 p. online resource. - Mathematics in Industry, The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, 6 1612-3956 ; . - Mathematics in Industry, The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, 6 .

Nonlinear Inverse Problems: Theoretical Aspects and Some Industrial Applications -- Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flow: An Introduction -- Computational Techniques for the Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems -- Data Assimilation Methods for an Oceanographic Problem -- Ant Colonies: a Nature inspired Paradigm for the Mathematical Modelling of Self-Organizing Systems. -- Distribution Theoretic Approach to Multi-phase Flow -- An Ant System Heuristic for the Two-Dimensional Finite Bin Packing Problem: preliminary results -- Distributed Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation in Aeronautics using Evolutionary Algorithms, Game Theory and Hierarchy -- Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization of Airfoils in Transonic Field.


10.1007/b138707 doi

Partial differential equations.
Computer mathematics.
Mathematical optimization.
Applied mathematics.
Engineering mathematics.
Dynamical systems.
Fluid mechanics.
Partial Differential Equations.
Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis.
Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering.
Engineering Fluid Dynamics.
Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control.



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