Modern Trends in Pseudo-Differential Operators

Wong, M. W.

Modern Trends in Pseudo-Differential Operators [electronic resource] / by M. W. Wong, Hongmei Zhu ; edited by Joachim Toft. - VII, 344 p. online resource. - Operator Theory: Advances and Applications ; 172 . - Operator Theory: Advances and Applications ; 172 .

The Quantization of Edge Symbols -- On Rays of Minimal Growth for Elliptic Cone Operators -- Symbolic Calculus of Pseudo-differential Operators and Curvature of Manifolds -- Weyl Transforms, Heat Kernels, Green Functions and Riemann Zeta Functions on Compact Lie Groups -- On the Fourier Analysis of Operators on the Torus -- Wave Kernels of the Twisted Laplacian -- Super-exponential Decay of Solutions to Differential Equations in ?d -- Gevrey Local Solvability for Degenerate Parabolic Operators of Higher Order -- A New Aspect of the L p-extension Problem for Inhomogeneous Differential Equations -- Continuity in Quasi-homogeneous Sobolev Spaces for Pseudo-differential Operators with Besov Symbols -- Continuity and Schatten Properties for Pseudo-differential Operators on Modulation Spaces -- Algebras of Pseudo-differential Operators with Discontinuous Symbols -- A Class of Quadratic Time-frequency Representations Based on the Short-time Fourier Transform -- A Characterization of Stockwell Spectra -- Exact and Numerical Inversion of Pseudo-differential Operators and Applications to Signal Processing -- On the Product of Localization Operators -- Gelfand-Shilov Spaces, Pseudo-differential Operators and Localization Operators -- Continuity and Schatten Properties for Toeplitz Operators on Modulation Spaces -- Microlocalization within Some Classes of Fourier Hyperfunctions.


10.1007/978-3-7643-8116-5 doi

Functional analysis.
Global analysis (Mathematics).
Manifolds (Mathematics).
Operator theory.
Partial differential equations.
Functional Analysis.
Operator Theory.
Partial Differential Equations.
Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds.



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