Singh, R.P., Manchanda, G., Maurya, I.K., Wei, Y. (Eds.)

Microbial Versatility in Varied Environments: Microbes in Sensitive Environments - 1st ed. 2020 - Singapor Springer 2020

Chapter 1. The Multifaceted life of microbes: Survival in varied environments -- Chapter 2. Thermophilic and Halophilic prokaryotes Isolated from Extreme Environments of Armenia and their Biotechnological Potential -- Chapter 3. Microbial life at extreme of salt concentration: adaptation strategies -- Chapter 4. Rhizobia at extremes of acidity, alkalinity, salinity, and temperature -- Chapter 5. Mechanism of microbial adaption and survival within psychrophilic habitat -- Chapter 6. Secretome of microbiota in extreme conditions -- Chapter 7. Deciphering the key factors for heavy-metal resistance in gram negative bacteria -- Chapter 8. Bioactive compounds from extremophiles -- Chapter 9. Metalotolerant bacteria: Insights into the bacteria thriving in the metal contaminated areas -- Chapter 10. Endophytic actinomycetes mediated Modulation of Defense and Systemic Resistance confers host plant fitness under biotic stress conditions -- Chapter 11. Microbial life in stress of oxygen concentration: physio-chemical properties and applications -- Chapter 12. Bacterial metabolic fitness during pathogenesis

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