Physics of rotating fluids : selected topics of the 11th International Couette-Taylor Workshop, held at Bremen, Germany, 20-23 July 1999 / Christoph Egbers, Gerd Pfister, eds. - Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2000. - 1 online resource (xviii, 439 pages) : illustrations - Lecture notes in physics, 549 0075-8450 ; . - Lecture notes in physics ; 549. .

Includes bibliographical references.

Taylor-couette flow -- Pitchfork bifurcations in small aspect ratio taylor-couette flow / bifurcation and structure of flow between counter-rotating cylinders / Spiral vortices and taylor vortices in the annulus between counter-rotating cylinders / Stability of time-periodic flows in a taylor-couette geometry / Low-dimensional dynamics of axisymmetric modes in wavy taylor vortex flow / Spatiotemporal intermitency in taylor-dean and couette-taylor systems / Axial effets in the taylor-couette problem: spiral-couette and spiral-poiseuille flows / Stability and experimental velocity field in taylor-couette flow with an axial and radial flow / Transport phenomena in magnetic fluids in cylindrical geometry / Secondary bifurcations of stationary flows / Taylor vortices at different geometries / Spherical couette flow / Vortical structures and velocity fluctuations of spiral and wavy vortices in the spherical couette flow / Spherical Couette flow with superimposed throughflow / Three-dimensional natural convection in a narrow spherical shell / Magnetohydrodynamnic flows in spherical shells / Goertler vortices and curved surface -- Control of secondary instability of the crossflow and Görtler-like vortices (success and problems) / Rotating annules -- Higher order dynamics of baroclinic waves / Plane couette flow -- Superfluid couette flow / Tertiary and quaternary solutions for plane couette flow with thermal stratification / On the rotationally symmetric laminar flow of newtonian fluids induced by rotating disks / Tom Mullin, Doug Satchwell, Yorinobu Toya -- Taylor-couette system with asymmetric boundary conditions / Oliver Meincke [and others] -- Arne Schulz, Gerd Pfister -- Christian Hoffmann, Manfred Lücke -- Christiane Normand -- Jan Abshagen, Gerd Ffister -- Innocent Mutabazi, Afshin Goharzadeh and Patrice Laure -- ʹAlvaro Meseguer, Francesc Marquès -- Richard M. Lueptow -- Stefan Odenbach -- Rita Meyer-Spasche, John H. Bolstad, Frank Pohl -- Manfred Wimmer -- Markus Junk, Christoph Egbers -- Koichi Nakabayashi, Weiming Sha -- Karl Bühler -- Ming Liu, Christoph Egbers -- Rainer Hollerbach -- Viktor V. Kozlov, Genrich R. Grek -- Bernd Sitte, Christoph Egbers -- Carlo F. Barenghi -- R.M. Clever, Friedrich H. Busse -- Antonio Delgado.

This book is devoted to recent developments in the field of rotating fluids, in particular the study of Taylor--Couette flow, spherical Couette flow, planar Couette flow, as well as rotating annulus flow. Besides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art, possible future directions in this research field are investigated. The first part of this volume presents several new results in the classical Taylor--Couette system covering diverse theoretical, experimental and numerical work on bifurcation theory, influence of boundary conditions, counter-rotating flows, spiral vortices and many others. The second part focuses on spherical Couette flows, including isothermal flows, thermal convective motion, as well as magnetohydrodynamics in spherical shells. The remaining parts are devoted to Goertler vortices, rotating annulus flows, as well as superfluid Couette flows. The present book will be of interest to all researchers and graduate students working actively in the field.

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