Applied algebra, algebraic algorithms and error-correcting codes : 17th international symposium, AAECC-17, Bangalore, India, December 16-20, 2007 : proceedings /

Applied algebra, algebraic algorithms and error-correcting codes : 17th international symposium, AAECC-17, Bangalore, India, December 16-20, 2007 : proceedings / AAECC-17 Serdar Boztaş, Hsiao-Feng (Francis) Lu (eds.). - Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2007. - 1 online resource (xii, 368 pages) : illustrations - Lecture notes in computer science, 4851 0302-9743 ; LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues Serienbezeichnung . - Lecture notes in computer science ; 4851. LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Invited Contributions -- List Decoding and Pseudorandom Constructions -- A Survey of Recent Attacks on the Filter Generator -- Iterative List Decoding of LDPC Codes -- Inverted Edwards Coordinates -- Spectra of Boolean Functions, Subspaces of Matrices, and Going Up Versus Going Down -- Efficient List Decoding of Explicit Codes with Optimal Redundancy -- Algebraic Structure Theory of Tail-Biting Trellises -- Nice Codes from Nice Curves -- Regular Contributions -- Generalized Sudan's List Decoding for Order Domain Codes -- Bent Functions and Codes with Low Peak-to-Average Power Ratio for Multi-Code CDMA -- Determining the Nonlinearity of a New Family of APN Functions -- An Improvement of Tardos's Collusion-Secure Fingerprinting Codes with Very Short Lengths -- Space-Time Codes from Crossed Product Algebras of Degree 4 -- On Non-randomness of the Permutation After RC4 Key Scheduling -- Correctable Errors of Weight Half the Minimum Distance Plus One for the First-Order Reed-Muller Codes -- Fault-Tolerant Finite Field Computation in the Public Key Cryptosystems -- A Note on a Class of Quadratic Permutations over -- Constructions of Orthonormal Lattices and Quaternion Division Algebras for Totally Real Number Fields -- Quaternary Plotkin Constructions and Quaternary Reed-Muller Codes -- Joint Source-Cryptographic-Channel Coding Based on Linear Block Codes -- On the Key-Privacy Issue of McEliece Public-Key Encryption -- Lattices for Distributed Source Coding: Jointly Gaussian Sources and Reconstruction of a Linear Function -- Linear Complexity and Autocorrelation of Prime Cube Sequences -- The "Art of Trellis Decoding" Is NP-Hard -- On the Structure of Inversive Pseudorandom Number Generators -- Subcodes of Reed-Solomon Codes Suitable for Soft Decoding -- Normalized Minimum Determinant Calculation for Multi-block and Asymmetric Space-Time Codes -- On the Computation of Non-uniform Input for List Decoding on Bezerra-Garcia Tower -- Dense MIMO Matrix Lattices -- A Meeting Point for Class Field Theory and Invariant Theory -- Secure Cross-Realm Client-to-Client Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Against Undetectable On-Line Dictionary Attacks -- Links Between Discriminating and Identifying Codes in the Binary Hamming Space -- Construction of Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions on Odd Number of Variables with Maximum Algebraic Immunity -- A Path to Hadamard Matrices -- The Tangent FFT -- Novel Algebraic Structure for Cyclic Codes -- Distribution of Trace Values and Two-Weight, Self-orthogonal Codes over GF(p,2) -- Generalized Rotation Symmetric and Dihedral Symmetric Boolean Functions? 9 Variable Boolean Functions with Nonlinearity 242 -- On Quasi-cyclic Codes over Integer Residue Rings -- Extended Norm-Trace Codes with Optimized Correction Capability -- On Generalized Hamming Weights and the Covering Radius of Linear Codes -- Homomorphic Encryptions of Sums of Groups.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms and Error-Correcting Codes, AAECC-17, held in Bangalore, India, in December 2007. The 33 revised full papers presented together with 8 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 61 submissions. Among the subjects addressed are block codes, including list-decoding algorithms; algebra and codes: rings, fields, algebraic geometry codes; algebra: rings and fields, polynomials, permutations, lattices; cryptography: cryptanalysis and complexity; computational algebra: algebraic algorithms and transforms; sequences and boolean functions.


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Codes correcteurs d'erreurs (Théorie de l'information)--Congrès.
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Error-correcting codes (Information theory)
Algebra--Data processing.
Error-correcting codes (Information theory)

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