Computer algebra : EUROCAM'82, European Computer Algebra Conference, Marseille, France, 5-7 April 1982 / EUROCAM '82 edited by Jacques Calmet. - Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, 1982. - 1 online resource (xiv, 301 pages) : illustrations - Lecture notes in computer science ; 144 Serienbezeichnung . - Lecture notes in computer science ; 144. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Asymptotically fast algorithms for the numerical muitiplication and division of polynomials with complex coefficients -- An adaptive hybrid algorithm for multiplying dense polynomials -- The construction of multivariate polynomials with preassigned zeros -- Lattices and factorization of polynomials over algebraic number fields -- Commutative algebra and computer algebra -- The nielsen reduction as key problem to polynomial algorithms in free groups -- The structure of near-rings of small order -- Computing double coset representatives for the generation of solvable groups -- On the determination of algebraic number fields of given discriminant -- Rewrite rule theory and abstract data type analysis -- Algebraic specifications: A constructive methodology in logic programming -- A theorem-proving approach to the Knuth-Bendix completion algorithm -- Solving symbolic equations with press -- Deterministic versus probabilistic factorization of integral polynomials -- On polynomial factorization -- Hacijan's algorithm in VAXIMA: improvements and difficulties -- The parallel Risch algorithm (I) -- An algorithm to compute the equations of tangent cones -- Computer algebra systems viewed by a notorious user -- Implementation of differential geometric objects and functions with an application to extended Maxwell equations -- A sum-substitutor used as trigonometric simplifier -- Transformation of an intractable problem into a tractable problem: Evaluation of a determinant in several variables -- Algebraic computation of the solution of some nonlinear differential equations -- Factorization in cylindrical algebraic decomposition -- Abstract -- Cylindrical algebraic decomposition by quantifier elimination -- Algorithms for the computation of free lattices -- Linear algebraic approach for computing polynomial resultant -- The development of a vector-based algebra system -- Nlargeing a z80 microprocessor -- Escaping from intermediate expression swell: a continuing saga -- REDUCE -- A case study in algebra system development -- An algorithm to obtain formal solutions of a linear homogeneous differential equation at an irregular singular point -- Symbolic numeric methods in microwave technology -- A program in REDUCE for finding explicit solutions to certain ordinary differential equations -- An application of MACSYMA to nonlinear systems decoupling.

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