The outreach of digital libraries: A globalized resource network : 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, ICADL 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings / ICADL 2012 Hsin-Hsi Chen, Gobinda Chowdhury (eds.). - Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012. - 1 online resource - Lecture notes in computer science, 7634 0302-9743 ; LNCS sublibrary. SL 3, Information systems and application, incl. Internet/Web and HCI Serienbezeichnung . - Lecture notes in computer science ; 7634. LNCS sublibrary. SL 3, Information systems and applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI. .

International conference proceedings. Includes author index.

Uncovering the Secrets of Daoism Fus Using Digital Dao-Fa Hui-Yuan / Automatic Perspective Correction of Manuscript Images / An Ontology-Based Fuzzy Matching Approach to Semantic Retrieval of Historical Place Names / Exploiting Semantics in Subject-Based Searching of DSpace / Constraint Can Affect Human Perception, Behaviour, and Performance of Search / Bonolo: A General Digital Library System for File-Based Collections / The Ratio of Conference Papers in Citations of Engineering Dissertations at Kyushu University / Presenting and Exploring the Complexity of Bibliographic Relationships / Use Patterns of Aerospace E-Indexing, Abstracting and Citation Services: A Research Study of Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore / XiaoXiao Feng, Koichi Matsumoto and Shigeo Sugimoto -- Ryan Baumann, Christopher Blackwell and W. Brent Seales -- Chao Wang, Ling Zhuang, Jiangqin Wu and Feng Zhou -- Amjad Usman and Sharifullah Khan -- Kazuya Fujikawa, Hideo Joho and Shin'ichi Nakayama -- Lighton Phiri, Kyle Williams, Miles Robinson, Stuart Hammar and Hussein Suleman -- Emi Ishita, Yukiko Watanabe, Ai Yamaguchi, Takako Oda and Yuiko Higa, et al. -- Tanja Merčun, Maja Žumer and Trond Aalberg -- R. Guruprasad, Khaiser Nikam and P. Marimuthu. A Trend Analysis of Domain-Specific Literatures with Content and Co-author Network Similarity / Improving Supervised Keyphrase Indexer Classification of Keyphrases with Text Denoising / A Metadata-Centric Approach to a Production and Browsing Platform of Manga / Crowdsourcing Metadata Schema Generation for Chinese-Style Costume Digital Library / Social Interaction Patterns during Mobile Information Seeking / A Scalable, Adaptive, Self-management and Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Digital Library / Enjoyment of a Mobile Information Sharing Game: Perspectives from Needs Satisfaction and Information Quality / Needs of Collaborative Digital Library for Secondary School Students in Thailand / Christopher C. Yang, Xuning Tang, Min Song and Suyeon Kim -- Rushdi Shams and Robert E. Mercer -- Tetsuya Mihara, Mitsuharu Nagamori and Shigeo Sugimoto -- Yundong Cai, Yin-Leng Theng, Qimeng Cai, Zhi Ling and Yangbo Ou, et al. -- Esther Meng-Yoke Tan, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Yin-Leng Theng and Schubert Foo -- Liangju Zheng, Weiming Lu, Meng Zhang, Baofeng Zhang and Baogang Wei -- Ei Pa Pa Pe-Than, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh and Chei Sian Lee -- Suparp Kanyacome, Smarn Loipha and Somchai Numprasertchai. Evaluating Large Image Support for DSpace / User Navigation for Online Video Leisure: An Exploratory Study / User Verification of the FRBR Conceptual Model and Testing of FRBR Prototypes / Utilizing Resources At-Hand: Fitting Diverse Content from Diverse Content Providers into a Common System / Evaluating Emulation and Migration: Birds of a Feather? / Design and Architecture of a Novel Preservation Watch System / A Formal Approach to the Modelling of Digital Archives / Sentiment Classification of Drug Reviews Using a Rule-Based Linguistic Approach / Temporal Social Tagging Based Collaborative Filtering Recommender for Digital Library / Comparative Evaluation of Community Question Answering Websites / Marius Nel, Kyle Williams and Hussein Suleman -- Hsiao-Tieh Pu and Ying-Han Chang -- Maja Žumer, Athena Salaba and Yin Zhang -- Jennifer W. Green -- Mark Guttenbrunner and Andreas Rauber -- Luis Faria, Petar Petrov, Kresimir Duretec, Christoph Becker and Miguel Ferreira, et al. -- Rathachai Chawuthai, Vilas Wuwongse and Hideaki Takeda -- Jin-Cheon Na, Wai Yan Min Kyaing, Christopher S.G. Khoo, Schubert Foo and Yun-Ke Chang, et al. -- Dengneng Wu, Zhenming Yuan, Kai Yu and Hong Pan -- Alton Y.K. Chua and Radhika Shenoy Balkunje. Parallel Processing Videos in Very Large Digital Libraries / Error Detection of CRF-Based Bibliography Extraction from Reference Strings / Palanteer: A Search Engine for Community Generated Microblogging Data / Figuring Out If Children Actually Read Digital Picture Books and Which Ones Should Be Collected / A Library Recommender System Using Interest Change over Time and Matrix Clustering / Book Recommendation Based on Book-Loan Logs / Motivating Users to Build Heritage Collections Using Games on Social Networks / Evaluating Simple Repository Deposit for Open Educational Resources / A Digital Library Built Around the Information-Content Model Duality / John Thompson, David Bainbridge and Maxime Roüast -- Manabu Ohta, Daiki Arauchi, Atsuhiro Takasu and Jun Adachi -- Ee-Peng Lim and Palakorn Achananuparp -- Chihiro Arakane, Jia Liu, Keizo Sato, Makoto Nakashima and Tetsuro Ito -- June-Jei Kuo and Yu-Jung Zhang -- Chong Chen, Liya Zhang, Huan Qiao, Shihong Wang and Yuchu Liu, et al. -- Michelle Havenga, Kyle Williams and Hussein Suleman -- Morwan Mohamed Nour, Kyle Williams and Hussein Suleman -- Hernán Astudillo and Carlos Becerra. Iterative Machine-Learning Chinese Term Extraction / Word Segmentation for Text in Japanese Ancient Writings Based on Probability of Character N-Grams / Relevant Term Suggestion Based on Pseudo Relevance Feedback from Web Contexts / QRpac: User-Driven Archiving of Parallel and Comparable Documents from the Web / Linked OpenScholar: A Researcher Network Using Linked Open Data / Blog Site Profiling through Influence Style Detection / Semantically Enriched User Interest Profile Built from Users' Tweets / Influences of Social Tags for Academic Papers: Analyzing the Behavior of Novice Users over Time / Towards an Integrated Design of Digital Library and Virtual Museum in the Heritage Preservation of the Chinese "Qipao" / Implementation of Open Scholar Platform and Integration of Open Resources in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) / Chia-Ming Lee, Chien-Kang Huang, Kuo-Ming Tang (Fayuan) and Kuang-Hua Chen -- Mamoru Yoshimura, Fuminori Kimura and Akira Maeda -- Jenq-Haur Wang and Meng-Han Shih -- Kyo Kageura and Ryo Murayama -- Chariya Nonthakarn and Vilas Wuwongse -- Luke Kien-Weng Tan, Jin-Cheon Na, Yin-Leng Theng and Kuiyu Chang -- Harshit Kumar and Hong-Gee Kim -- Khasfariyati Razikin and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh -- Yin-Leng Theng, Lynette Goh, Natalie Pang, Yundong Cai and Sufang Lim, et al. -- Chao-Chen Chen, Chia-Hsiang Chen, Chung-Chin Lai, Chih-Hwei Lu and Chung-Yen Yu. Main Trends in Digital Library Research (1990-2010): Analyzing the Past and Predicting the Future / Exploring Search Tactic Patterns in Searching Digital Libraries / Integration of Digital Archives, GIS, Mash-Up, and Social Media in Educational Activity: A Case Study of U Theatre / Path-Connectivity for Mobile Digital Library Service in Hybrid Ad-Hoc Network / A Seamless Mobile Digital Library Service in WLAN / PuntStore: A Non-relational Database Based Architecture of Data Management in Digital Library / Mapping 12 Years of Communication Scholarship: Themes and Concepts in the Journal of Communication / A Note-Taking Data Sharing System for Improving Student's Performance / Using Digital and Traditional Libraries in Developing Countries / Iterative Feature Selection of Translation Texts for Translator Identification / Calligraphy Stroke Extraction in CADAL / Son Hoang Nguyen and Gobinda Chowdhury -- Soohyung Joo and Iris Xie -- Hao-Ren Ke and Chih-Hung Chen -- Yoseop Woo, Iksoo Kim and Jaeho Choi -- Iksoo Kim, Yoseop Woo and Jeonghoon Park -- Chao Lan, Yong Zhang, Yang Gao and Chunxiao Xing -- Julian Lin and Seow Ting Lee -- Akihiro Motoki and Takashi Nagatsuka -- Isaias Barreto da Rosa, David Ribeiro Lamas and Vicente Peña Saavedra -- Kuo-Ming Tang (Fayuan), Chien-Kang Huang, Chia-Ming Lee and Kuang-Hua Chen -- Kai Yu, Zhenming Yuan and Jiangqin Wu.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, ICADL 2012, held in Taipei, Taiwan, in November 2012. The 27 revised full papers, 17 revised short papers, and 13 poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 93 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on cultural heritage preservation, retrieval and browsing in digital libraries, biliometrics, metadata and cataloguing, mobile and cloud computing, human factors in digital library, presevation systems and algorithms, social media, digital library algorithms and systems, recommendation applications and social networks.


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