Malliavin, Marie-Paule.

Séminaire d'Algèbre Paul Dubreil et Marie-Paule Malliavin : Proceedings, Paris 1982 (35ème Année) / edited by Marie-Paule Malliavin. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1983. - 1 online resource (vi, 346 pages) - Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1029 0075-8434 ; . - Lecture Notes in Mathematics ; 1029. .

Lectures on invariants, representations and lie algebras in systems and control theory -- Series de Poincare dans la theorie des invariants -- On the cohomology of locally symmetric hermitian spaces -- A study of the torsion-free part of the cokernel from the operator acting on a D n-module -- The regular representations of the tame hereditary algebras -- Separating tubular series -- Higher even clifford algebras -- Modifications monomiales -- La serie de bass d'un produit fibre d'Anneaux locaux -- Relative invariants for commutative rings -- Sur l'Extension RG? R -- Modules sur les anneaux de Krull non commutatifs -- Localization of crossed-modules -- The division ring of fractions of a group ring.


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