Neurodegeneration methods and protocols / edited by Jean Harry and Hugh A. Tilson. - Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, ©1999. - 1 online resource (xi, 306 pages) : illustrations - Methods in molecular medicine ; 22 . - Methods in molecular medicine ; 22. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction to polymerase chain reaction / Mark C. Miller and Laura Cunningham -- Methodological issues in polymerase chain reaction for RNA / Alessandra D. Rasmussen -- Subtractive hybridization of cDNA libraries / Gregory S. Kelner and Richard A. Maki -- The use of differential display RT-PCR for identifying altered gene expression in ischemic brain injury / Xinkang Wang and Giora Z. Feuerstein -- Analysis of gene expression by multiprobe RNase protection assay / Anna K. Stalder [and others] -- Molecular probes for PNS neurotoxicity, degeneration, and regeneration / Arrel D. Toews -- Mobility-shift DNA-binding assay using gel electrophoresis / Yang Xiao and Keith Pennypacker -- Transfection of mammalian cells in vitro: use in analysis of neuronal damage / Melvin L. Billingsley and Theresa A. Thompson -- Detection of apoptotic cells in the vervous system -- Terrie Kagan and Zahra Zakeri -- Translocation assays of protein kinase C activation / Ginger G. Wescott, Christina M. Manring, and David M. Terrian -- Astrocyte and neuron coculturing method / Michael Aschner and Barbara A. Bennett -- Viability assays for cells invitro: the ethidium/calcium assay and the immunofluorescence combination assay / Theresa A. Thompson -- Measurement of the nitric oxide synthase activity using the citrulline assay / Thomas R. Ward and William R. Mundy -- Measurement of intraneuronal free calcium using the fluorescencent probe technique / Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti -- Measurement of calcium buffering by intracellular organelles in brain / Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti -- Receptor-mediated release of inositolphosphates in brain slices / Pushpa Tandon -- The use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays to quantitate proteins in biological functions / Dori R. Germolec -- Assays for the analysis of synaptic proteins in neurodegenerative disorders / Eliezer Masliah and Michael Alford -- ZZymographic method for the measurement of monoamine neurotransmitters in microdialysis perfusates using HPLC-ECD / Ian Acworth and Michael L. Cunningham -- Biochemical measurement of cholinesterase activity / Stephanie Padilla, T. Leon Lassiter, and Deborah Hunter -- Functional study of glutamate receptor channels in brain slices / Susan Jones and Jerrel L. Yakel -- Selective silver staining for neuronal degeneration / Jeanene K. Olin and Karl F. Jensen -- Immunohistological markers of cerebrovascular integrity / Karl F. Jensen [and others] -- Electron probe X-ray microanalysis: a quantitative electron microscopy technique for measurement of elements and water in nervous tissue cells / Richard M. LoPachin and Christopher L .Gaughan.

In Neurodegeneration Methods and Protocols, Jean Harry and Hugh Tilson bring together a collection of detailed, state-of-the-art techniques for studying many aspects of nervous system cell biology. The methods span a multidisciplinary range of cellular and molecular approaches to both normal and injured nervous system function, and particularly to neurodegenerative processes. Included are basic RT-PCR techniques, cell culture systems, second-messenger signaling methods, and patch-clamp techniques. Cutting-edge and authoritative, Neurodegeneration Methods and Protocols will illuminate nervous system function, injury, degeneration, and the repair/regenerative process. These powerful techniques will also allow established laboratories-both experimental and clinical-to expand their array of methods for solving research problems and help utilize multidisciplinary procedures beyond their experience.


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Nervous system--Degeneration--Research--Methodology.
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Nerve Degeneration.
Neurodegenerative Diseases.
Molecular neurobiology--Methodology.

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