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NMDA receptor protocols / edited by Min Li. - Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, ©1999. - 1 online resource (x, 196 pages) : illustrations - Methods in molecular biology ; v. 128 . - Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 128. .

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Isolation of receptor clones by expression screening in xenopus oocytes / F. Nakamura [and others] -- Expression of nmda receptor channel subunit proteins using baculovirus and herpesvirus vectors / S. Kawamoto [and others] -- Transient expression of functional nmda receptors in mammalian cells / P.L. Chazot, M. Cik and F.A. Stephenson -- Stable expression of human nmda receptors in cultured mammalian cells / M.A. Varney [and others] -- Expression of extracellular n-terminal domain of nmda receptor in mammalian cells / E.A. Whitehorn, W.J. Dower and M. Li -- Immunocytochemistry of nmda receptors / R.S. Petralia and R.J. Wenthold -- The use of ligand binding in assays of nmda receptor function / I.J. Reynolds and T.A. Sharma -- Calmodulin modification of nmda receptors / S. Zhang and R.L. Huganir -- Detergent solubilization and immunoprecipitation of native nmda receptors / R.J. Wenthold [and others] -- Redox sensitivity of nmda receptors / S.A. Lipton -- In vitro selection of peptides acting on nmda receptors / S.E. Cwirla, W.J. Dower and M. Li -- Nmda receptor pharmacology and analysis of patch-clamp recordings / J.M. Wright and R.W. Peoples -- Determination of membrane topology of glutamate receptors / H.M. VanDongen and A.M. VanDongen -- Engineering the nmda receptor channel lining / A.V. Ferrer-Montiel and M. Montal -- High-throughput functional detection of nmda receptor activity / M.D. Cunningham and S.M. Cunningham.

In NMDA Receptor Protocols, Min Li and a panel of hands-on experimentalists detail state-of-the-art molecular techniques for studying NMDA ligand-gated ion channels and developing assays for nontherapeutic lead selection. The topics range from cDNA cloning to in vitro and in vivo investigation of the channel complex in the mammalian brain. Additional topics include the biochemical analysis of the channel protein and the construction of various heterologous systems for both basic research and high throughput screens (HTS) for pharmaceutical chemicals. Although the focus is on NMDA receptors, the methods are applicable to other ligand-gated ion channels and with some modification may be extended to related membrane receptors or signaling receptors. NMDA Receptor Protocols provides today's scientists at all skill levels a diverse collection of highly reproducible molecular techniques for ion channel research and biotherapeutic development. Eminently practical and reproducible, these techniques offer powerful methods for basic research on NMDA receptor structure and function, as well as enormous opportunities for clinical investigation toward the development of novel bioactive compounds.


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