The cytoskeleton : imaging, isolation, and interaction / edited by Rolf Dermietzel. - New York : Humana Press, ©2013. - 1 online resource. - Neuromethods, 79 0893-2336 ; . - Neuromethods ; 79. .

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Fluorescence Proteins and Time-Lapse Imaging of the Cytoskeleton -- Visualizing In Vitro Trafficking -- Interaction of the Glycocalyx with the Actin Cytoskeleton -- Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Binding Factors -- Principles of Proteomic Approaches to the Cytoskeleton -- Analyzing the Cytoskeletal Transcriptome: Sex Differences in Rat Hypothalamus -- Proteomic Approaches for the Study of Electrical Synapses and Associated Protein-Interaction Complexes -- The Cytoskeleton as a Pharmacological Target in Neurodegenerative Diseases -- Neurofilaments: Properties, Functions, and Regulation -- From an Axon into a Growth Cone after Axotomy: A Model for Cytoskeletal Dynamics -- Isolation of the Postsynaptic Density: A Specialization of the Subsynaptic Cytoskeleton -- Cell-to-Cell Communication in Astroglia and the Cytoskeletal Impact -- Reactive Astrocytes, Astrocyte Intermediate Filament Proteins, and Their Role in the Disease Pathogenesis -- Microtubules and Associated Proteins in Oligodendrocytes, the Myelin Forming Cells of the Central Nervous System -- Myelin Proteome Analysis: Methods and Implications for the Myelin Cytoskeleton.

The cerebral cytoskeleton, considered to be the working horse in brain tissues, becomes particularly important when degenerative diseases of the nervous system are considered. The Cytoskeleton: Imaging, Isolation, and Interaction assembles chapters on general aspects of the cytoskeleton, which are helpful for polishing knowledge of the cytoskeleton in a brief and informative way, and these pieces are flanked by a collection of detailed protocols on diverse emerging techniques including in vivo and in vitro imaging of the cytoskeleton at work as well as proteomics methodologies addressing preparative strategies for the isolation of cytoskeletal components of the central nervous system. Written for the popular Neuromethods series, this work contains the kind of meticulous descriptions and implementation advice to guarantee successful results. Authoritative and cutting-edge, The Cytoskeleton: Imaging, Isolation, and Interaction provides a compilation of papers written by a team of experts which aims to strengthen our efforts at overcoming at least some of the fatal outcomes of the diseased brain cytoskeleton.


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