Immunosenecence : methods and protocols /

Immunosenecence : methods and protocols / edited by Albert C. Shaw. - New York : Humana Press : Springer, ©2015. - 1 online resource (xi, 270 pages) : illustrations (some color) - Methods in molecular biology, 1343 1064-3745 ; Springer protocols . - Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 1343. Springer protocols (Series) .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Isolation of Lipid Rafts from Human Neutrophils by Density Gradient Centrifugation -- Flow Cytometry Analysis of NK Cell Phenotype and Function in Ageing -- Flow Cytometric Identification of Fibrocytes in the Human Circulation -- Experimental Approaches to Tissue Injury and Repair in Advanced Age -- Multicolor Digital Flow Cytometry Used in Human Translational Immunology -- Flow Cytometry-Based Methods to Characterize Immune Senescence in Nonhuman Primates -- Multiparameter Phenotyping of Human PBMCs Using Mass Cytometry -- Imaging Immunosenescence -- Activation-induced Cytidine Deaminase and Switched Memory B Cells as Predictors of Effective In Vivo Responses to the Influenza Vaccine -- Analyzing the Effects of Aging on CD8+ T Cell Phenotype Using Flow Cytometry -- Cell-Mediated Immune Response to Influenza Using Ex Vivo Stimulation and Assays of Cytokine and Granzyme B Responses -- Assays for Monitoring Macroautophagy Activity in T Cells -- Fluorescence-Based Approaches for Quantitative Assessment of Protein Carbonylation, Protein Disulfides and Protein Conformation in Biological Tissues -- Monitoring the DNA Damage Response at Dysfunctional Telomeres -- Single-Cell Analysis of T Cell Receptor ab Repertoire -- Assessment of B Cell Repertoire in Humans -- Laboratory and Data Analysis Methods for Characterization of Human B Cell Repertoires by High-throughput DNA Sequencing -- Discovery of Novel MicroRNAs in Aging C. Elegans -- Analysis of DNA Methylation by Pyrosequencing.

In this volume, expert researchers detail protocols for evaluating the protean effects of immunosenescence on innate and adaptive immune function, including approaches to the analysis of antigen receptor repertoire. In addition, this book guides readers through cell biology and biochemical methods for analyses of telomere dysfunction, autophagy, protein oxidation, microRNAs, and DNA methylation.

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