New trends in basic and clinical research of glaucoma : a neurodegenerative disease of the visual system. Part A / edited by Giancinto Bagetta and Carlo Nucci. - First edition. - 1 online resource (xx, 307 pages) : illustrations (some color) - Progress in brain research, volume 220 0079-6123 ; . - Progress in brain research ; v. 220. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Retinal neurodegeneration in experimental glaucoma / Manuel Vidal-Sanz, Francisco J. Valiente-Soriano, Arturo Ortín-Martínez, Francisco M. Nadal-Nicolás, Manuel Jiménez-López, Manuel Salinas-Navarro, Luis Alarcón-Martínez, Diego García-Ayuso, Marcelino Avilés-Trigueros, Marta Agudo-Barriuso, Maria P. Villegas-Pérez -- Retinal ganglion cell apoptotic pathway in glaucoma: Initiating and downstream mechanisms / Hani Levkovitch-Verbin -- The contribution of the sclera and lamina cribrosa to the pathogenesis of glaucoma: Diagnostic and treatment implications / Harry A. Quigley -- Autophagy dysregulation and the fate of retinal ganglion cells in glaucomatous optic neuropathy / Rossella Russo, Carlo Nucci, Maria Tiziana Corasaniti, Giacinto Bagetta, Luigi Antonio Morrone -- Advances in glaucoma genetics / Yoichi Sakurada, Fumihiko Mabuchi -- Oxidative stress and mitochondrial failure in the pathogenesis of glaucoma neurodegeneration / Maria D. Pinazo-Durán, Vicente Zanón-Moreno, Roberto Gallego-Pinazo, José J. García-Medina -- Macro- and microglial responses in the fellow eyes contralateral to glaucomatous eyes / Ana I. Ramírez, Juan J. Salazar, Rosa de Hoz, Blanca Rojas, Beatriz I. Gallego, Elena Salobrar-García, Francisco J. Valiente-Soriano, Alberto Triviño, José M. Ramirez -- Retinal and optic nerve changes in glaucoma: From animal study to clinical implication / Shenton S.L. Chew, Alessandra Martins, Nicholas Strouthidis -- Lymphatic drainage from the eye: A new target for therapy / Yeni Yucel, Neeru Gupta -- Retinal ganglion cell dendrite pathology and synapse loss: Implications for glaucoma / Jessica Agostinone, Adriana Di Polo -- MicroRNA target prediction in glaucoma / Giovanni Luca Romano, Chiara Bianca Maria Platania, Stefano Forte, Salvatore Salomone, Filippo Drago, Claudio Bucolo -- Stem cell approaches to glaucoma: from aqueous outflow modulation to retinal neuroprotection / Craig Pearson, Keith Martin -- Natural compounds and retinal ganglion cell neuroprotection / Luigi Antonio Morrone, Laura Rombolà, Maria Tiziana Corasaniti, Giacinto Bagetta, Carlo Nucci, Rossella Russo -- Rho kinase inhibitor AMA0526 improves surgical outcome in a rabbit model of glaucoma filtration surgery / Sarah Van de Velde, Tine Van Bergen, Evelien Vandewalle, Nele Kindt, Karolien Castermans, Lieve Moons, Ingeborg Stalmans.

New Trends in Basic and Clinical Research of Glaucoma: A Neurodegenerative Disease of the Visual System is the latest volume from Progress in Brain Research focusing on new trends in basic and clinical research of glaucoma. This established international series examines major areas of basic and clinical research within neuroscience, as well as emerging subfields.

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