Statistical Physics, High Energy, Condensed Matter and Mathematical Physics : Proceedings of the Conference in Honor of C.N. Yang's 85th birthday, Singapore, 31 October - 3 November 2007 /

Statistical Physics, High Energy, Condensed Matter and Mathematical Physics : Proceedings of the Conference in Honor of C.N. Yang's 85th birthday, Singapore, 31 October - 3 November 2007 / Proceedings of the conference in honor of C.N. Yang's 85th birthday editors, M.-L. Ge, C.H. Oh, K.K. Phua. - Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, ©2008. - 1 online resource (xxviii, 554 pages) : illustrations (some color)

Includes bibliographical references.

Developing creativity and innovation in engineering and science / M.L. Perl -- Knots as possible excitations of the quantum Yang-Mills fields / L.D. Faddeev -- A torsional topological invariant / H.T. Nieh -- Knot topology of classical vacuum space-time / Y.M. Cho -- Some thoughts on the cosmological QCD phase transition / W.-Y.P. Hwang -- Analytic scattering amplitudes for QCD / D. Vaman and Y.-P. Yao -- Neutrino oscillation and the Daya Bay [symbol] experiment / B.-L. Young -- Scattering and production at high energies / T.T. Wu -- Gravity and its mysteries : some thoughts and speculations / A. Zee -- Geometric phase and chiral anomaly; their basic differences / K. Fujikawa -- Consequences of a minimal length / L.N. Chang -- Model kinetic equations with non-Boltzmann properties / B.H.J. McKellar, I. Okuniewicz and J. Quach -- Rigid limit in N = 2 supergravity and weak-gravity conjecture / T. Eguchi and Y. Tachikawa -- Five decades after the revolution : how much do we know about the neutrino? / N.-P. Chang -- Interacting multi-component fermions and the Yang-Baxter equation : future prospects / M.T. Batchelor -- Free electron laser developments in China / Z.-T. Zhao -- Prospect of particle physics in China / H.S. Chen -- Nearsightedness of electronic matter / W. Kohn -- Complex cooperative behaviour in range-free frustrated many-body systems / D. Sherrington -- Asymmetric heat conduction in nonlinear systems / B. Hu -- The spin-charge gauge approach to the theory of doped Mott insulators / L. Yu -- Direct and non-demolition optical measurement of pure spin currents in semiconductors / J. Wang, B.-F. Zhu and R.-B. Liu -- From BCS to HTS and RTS / C.W. Chu -- The fibonacci model and the temperley-Lieb algebra / L.H. Kauffman and S.J. Lomonaco, Jr. -- Yang-Baxter equation and quantum periodic Toda lattice / L. Takhtajan -- Atomic-scale structure : from surfaces to nanomaterials / M.A. Van Hove -- Topological quantum numbers and phase transitions in matter / D. Thouless -- Professor C.N. Yang and statistical mechanics / F.Y. Wu -- A few pieces of mathematics inspired by real biological data / B.L. Hao -- Spin precession and interference in two-dimensional electron gas / C.-R. Chang and J.-S. Yang -- Atoms and ions; universality, singularity and particularity : on Boltzmann's vision a century later / M. Fisher -- Insights from computer simulation / E.G. Wang -- Fifty years of hard-sphere Bose gas : 1957-2007 / K. Huang -- Quantum phenomena visualized by electron waves / A. Tonomura -- Phase separation of atoms in optical lattices / H.-Q. Lin -- Ultracold atoms achievements and perspectives / C. Cohen-Tannoudji -- Quantum spin hall effect / S.C. Zhang -- Berry phase in Yang-Baxter systems and Bogoliubov Hamiltonian as a derivative of dirac Hamiltonian via braid relation / M.-L. Ge, K. Xue and J.-L. Chen -- Hierarchical quantum search / V.E. Korepin and Y. Xu -- Spin hall effect in ultracold atomic gas / X.-J. Liu and C.H. Oh -- Magnetic coupling and quantum well states / Z.Q. Qiu -- Quantum information processing : present status and perspectives / I. Cirac -- Degradable channels in quantum information theory / M.B. Ruskai -- Prof. Yang and Prof. Steinberger / W.-M. Wu -- "Almost every problem he touched eventually turned into gold" / L.-L. Chau -- Kidney-Boojum-like solutions and exact shape equation of lipid monolayer domains / M. Iwamoto, F. Liu and Z.-C. Ou-Yang -- Revisiting the hydrodynamic boundary condition : new results on an old problem / P. Sheng -- Recent progress in atomic ionisation theory / I. Bray [and others] -- Chen Ning Yang and the formation of AAPPS (Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies) / M. Konuma -- The modeling and functional connectivity of the brain / S. Kim -- Symmetry effects in computation / A.C.-C. Yao -- Applications of nanotechnology to the development of energy-related technologies / M.-K. Wu -- Chen-Ning Yang and my student days at Stony Brook / A. Chao -- Quasicrystals and partial differential equations / T.Y. Fan -- Prepotential approach to exact and quasi-exact solvabilities of hermitian and non-hermitian Hamiltonians / C.-L. Ho -- Prof. C.N. Yang and quantum entanglement in particle physics / Y. Shi -- Is non-abelian gauge theory relevant to the technology of spintronics / S.G. Tan [and others] -- A two-parametric graded R-matrix satisfying the Yang-Baxter equation / T.C. Vo, A.K. Nguyen and T.H.V. Nguyen -- A new two-parametric deformation of U[osp(1/2)] / A.K. Nguyen and L.B. Nam -- The Kontsevich integral and covering spaces / A. Kricker -- Byers and Yang's theorem on flux quantization / K.N. Shrivastava -- Voltage-controlled berry phases in two coupled quantum dots / K.-D. Zhu -- A comment on the wave function of neutrino and P-nonconservation / V.V. Thuan -- Theoretical modeling of B-Z Deoxyribonucleic (DNA) transition / W. Lim -- Application of gauge theory to acoustic fields -- revolutionizing and rewriting the whole field of acoustics / W.S. Gan -- Bonding electronics and energetics : an approach crossing the barriers of classical and quantum approximations / C.Q. Sun -- Topological quantum phase transitions of the Kitaev model / G.-M. Zhang -- Worldline instantons and pair production / Q.-H. Wang -- Exact ground states and correlation functions of interacting spinless fermions on two-legged ladder / S.A. Cheong -- Nonlinear supersymmetric general relativity and unity of nature / K. Shima and M. Tsuda -- Novel nano-device and symmetry role in chemical event of C60 and carbon nanotube composite / H.-B. Su -- Singular gauge transformation and Wu-Yang singular-free monopole / J.-Q. Liang -- Laboratory plasma astrophysics research with intense lasers / H. Takabe [and others] -- New RF helicon-plasma devices for various applications / T. Tanikawa [and others] -- THz radiation generation via laser plasma interaction experiments / N. Yugami and T. Higashiguchi -- Non-Maxwellian velocity distribution : a characteristic of space plasma / L.-N. Hau -- Dynamo mechanism by transport flow / C.-M. Ryu -- Degradable channels in quantum information theory / R.S. Rawat -- Plasma nanoscience : from astronucleosynthesis to origin of life and industrial nanomanufacturing / K. Ostrikov and S.-Y. Xu -- Plume dynamics in TEA CO[symbol] laser ablation of polymers and graphite / T.Y. Tou and O.H. Chin -- Plasma hole -- a singular vortex in a magnetized plasma / M.Y. Tanaka -- Quantum plasmas -- space charge limited electron flows / L.K. Ang -- Generation and application of high density low-frequency inductively coupled plasmas / S.-Y. Xu and K. Ostrikov.

The Conference on Statistical Physics, High Energy, Condensed Matter and Mathematical Physics was held in honor of Professor Chen-Ning Yang's 85th birthday in Singapore in Oct-Nov 2007. The conference paid tribute to the breadth and depth of Professor Yang's achievements in physics and science education since he received his Nobel Prize in Physics fifty years ago. This notable birthday volume is a collection of the presentations made at the conference by many eminent scientists who had worked closely with him or who have been influenced to some extent by his work.


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