The Boundaries of Consciousness : Neurobiology and Neuropathology /

The Boundaries of Consciousness : Neurobiology and Neuropathology / edited by Steven Laureys. - First edition. - 1 online resource (xx, 585 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates) : illustrations (some color) - Progress in brain research, v. 150 0079-6123 ; . - Progress in brain research ; v. 150. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

What in the world is consciousness / A. Zeman -- A neuroscientific approach to consciousness / S.A. Greenfield and T.F.T. Collins -- Functional neuroimaging during altered states of consciousness: how and what do we measure? / J. Hirsch -- Global workspace theory of consciousness: toward a cognitive neuroscience of human experience / B.J. Baars -- Skill, corporality and alerting capacity in an account of sensory consciousness / J. Kevin O'Regan, E. Myin, and A. Noë -- Methods for studying unconscious learning / A. Destrebecqz and P. Peigneux -- Computational correlates of consciousness / A. Cleeremans -- Machine consciousness / I. Aleksander -- Consciousness, information integration, and the brain / G. Tononi -- Dynamics of thalamo-cortical network oscillations and human perception / U. Ribary -- From synchronous neuronal discharges to subjective awareness? / E.R. John -- Genes and experience shape brain networks of conscious control / M.I. Posner -- Visual phenomenal consciousness: a neurological guided tour / L. Naccache -- The mental self / H.C. Lou, M. Nowak, and T.W. Kjaer -- Posterior cingulate, precuneal and retrosplenial cortices: cytology and components of the neural network correlates of consciousness / B.A. Vogt and S. Laureys -- Human cognition during REM sleep and the activity profile within frontal and parietal cortices: a reappraisal of functional neuroimaging data / P. Maquet [and others] -- General anesthesia and the neural correlates of consciousness / M.T. Alkire and J. Miller -- Brain imaging in research on anesthetic mechanisms: studies with propofol / P. Fiset, G. Plourde, and S.B. Backman -- The cognitive modulation of pain: hypnosis- and placebo-induced analgesia / R. Kupers, M.-E. Faymonville, and S. Laureys -- Consciousness and epilepsy: why are patients with absence seizures absent? / H. Blumenfeld -- Two aspects of impaired consciousness in Alzheimer's disease / E. Salmon [and others] -- Functional brain imaging of symptoms and cognition in schizophrenia / T.T.J. Kircher and R. Thienel -- Hysterical conversion and brain function / P. Vuilleumier -- The out-of-body experience: precipitation factors and neural correlates / S. Bünning and O. Blanke -- Near-death experiences in cardiac arrest survivors / C.C. French -- The concept and practice of brain death / J.L. Bernat -- The minimally conscious state: defining the borders of consciousness / J.T. Giacino -- Behavioral evaluation of consciousness in severe brain damage / S. Majerus [and others] -- Evoked potentials in severe brain injury / J.-M. Guérit -- Event-related potential measures of consciousness: two equations with three unknowns / B. Kotchoubey -- Novel aspects of the neuropathology of the vegetative state after blunt head injury / D.I. Graham [and others] -- Using a hierarchical approach to investigate residual auditory cognition in persistent vegetative state / A.M. Owen [and others] -- Modeling the minimally conscious state: measurements of brain function and therapeutic possibilities / N.D. Schiff -- The locked-in syndrome: what is it like to be conscious but paralysed and voiceless? / S. Laureys [and others] -- Brain-computer interfaces--the key for the conscious brain locked into a paralysed body / A. Kübler and N. Neumann -- Neural plasticity and recovery of function / N.S. Ward -- Thirty years of the vegetative state: clinical, ethical, and legal problems / B. Jennett -- Assessing health-related quality of life after severe brain damage: potentials and limitations / C. Petersen and M. Bullinger -- Outcome and ethics in severe brain damage / J.-L. Vincent -- Clinical pragmatism and the care of brain damaged patients: towards a palliative neuroethics for disorders of consciousness / J.J. Fins.

Consciousness is one of the most significant scientific problems today. Renewed interest in the nature of consciousness - a phenomenon long considered not to be scientifically explorable, as well as increasingly widespread availability of multimodal functional brain imaging techniques (EEG, ERP, MEG, fMRI and PET), now offer the possibility of detailed, integrated exploration of the neural, behavioral, and computational correlates of consciousness. The present volume aims to confront the latest theoretical insights in the scientific study of human consciousness with the most recent behavioral, neuroimaging, electrophysiological, pharmacological and neuropathological data on brain function in altered states of consciousness such as: brain death, coma, vegetative state, minimally conscious state, locked-in syndrome, dementia, epilepsy, schizophrenia, hysteria, general anesthesia, sleep, hypnosis, and hallucinations. The interest of this is threefold. First, patients with altered states of consciousness continue to represent a major clinical problem in terms of clinical assessment of consciousness and daily management. Second, the exploration of brain function in altered states of consciousness represents a unique lesional approach to the scientific study of consciousness and adds to the worldwide effort to identify the "neural correlate of consciousness". Third, new scientific insights in this field have major ethical and social implications regarding our care for these patients

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Nervous system--Diseases.
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Nervous system--Diseases.

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