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from growth to hole spin resonance by Watzinger, Hannes Gene regulation across scales – how biophysical constraints shape evolution by Grah, Rok Genetic determinants of antibiotic resistance evolution by Lukacisinova, Marta Genetic dissection of neural development in health and disease at single cell resolution by Contreras Paniagua, Ximena Gradient flows in spaces of probability measures for finite-volume schemes, metric graphs and non-reversible Markov chains by Forkert, Dominik Leopold Identification and characterizationof novel Auxin-Cytokinin cross-talk components by Hurny, Andrej Identification of novel regulators of pin polarity and development of a novel auxin sensor by Prat, Tomas Illuminating the role of Cul3 in autism spectrum disorder pathogenesis by Morandell, Jasmin Immune defences in ants: Effects of social immunisation and a fungal ectosymbiont in the ant Lasius negelctus by Konrad, Matthias Implementation of a hole spin qubit in Ge hut wires and dispersive spin sensing by Kukucka, Josip In vitro reconstitution of a Rab activation switch by Bezeljak, Urban Inferring recent demography from spatial genetic structure by Ringbauer, Harald Investigations into cell polarity and trafficking in the plant model Arabidopsis thaliana by Adamowski, Maciej Learning from dependent data by Zimin, Alexander Learning with attributes for object recognition: Parametric and non-parametrics views by Sharmanska, Viktoriia Leveraging structure in Computer Vision tasks for flexible Deep Learning models by Royer, Amélie Local adaptation in metapopulations by Szép, Enikő Localization and functional role of Cav2.3 in the medial habenula to interpeduncular nucleus pathway by Bhandari, Pradeep Lymph node mechanics: Deciphering the interplay between stroma contractility, morphology and lymphocyte trafficking by Assen, Frank Paul Mechanics of zebrafish epiboly: Tension-oriented cell divisions limit anisotropic tissue tension in epithelial spreading by Campinho, Pedro Mechanosensation of tight junctions depends on ZO-1 phase separation and flow by Schwayer, Cornelia Molecular mechanisms of endomembrane trafficking in Arabidopsis thaliana by Vasileva, Mina Molecular mechanisms of patterning and subcellular trafficking in Aribadopsis thaliana by Marhavá, Petra Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics by Osang, Georg F. Multiple Covers with Balls by Iglesias Ham, Mabel New approaches to reduce friction in turbulent pipe flow by Scarselli, Davide Novel insights into PIN polarity regulation during Arabidopsis development by Han, Huibin On the approximation of intrinsic volumes by Pausinger, Florian On the nature of gene regulatory design - The biophysics of transcription factor binding shapes gene regulation by Igler, Claudia Onset of turbulence in plane Poiseuille flow by Paranjape, Chaitanya Optical and optogenetic control of proliferation and survival by Gschaider-Reichhart, Eva Optical functionalization of human class A orphan G-protein coupled receptors by Morri, Maurizio Optogenetic Frizzled 7 reveals a permissive function of Wnt/PCP signaling in directed mesenchymal cell migration by Capek, Daniel Organization and dynamics of treadmilling filaments in cytoskeletal networks of FtsZ and its crosslinkers by Caldas, Paulo Parvalbumin+ interneurons enable efficient pattern separation in hippocampal microcircuits by Espinoza, Claudia Perturbations of protein synthesis: from antibiotics to genetics and physiology by Kavčič, Bor Point interactions in systems of fermions by Moser, Thomas Proof systems for sustainable decentralized cryptocurrencies by Abusalah, Hamza Quantitative analysis of haptotactic cell migration by Schwarz, Jan Quantitative investigation of gene expression principles through combinatorial drug perturbation and theory by Lukacisin, Martin Reactivation content is important for consolidation of spatial memory by Gridchyn, Igor Reactivation of the hippocampal cognitive map in goal-directed spatial tasks by Xu, Haibing Reconfiguration problems by Masarova, Zuzana Role of genomic imprinting in cerebral cortex development by Laukoter, Susanne Rotation of coupled cold molecules in the presence of a many-body environment by Li, Xiang Selective barriers to horizontal gene transfer by Acar, Hande Statistical and logical methods for property checking by Daca, Przemyslaw Structure-aware computational design and its application to 3D printable volume scattering, mechanism, and multistability by Zhang, Ran Studying the complexities of transcriptional regulation by Rieckh, Georg Synaptic plasticity rules at CA3-CA3 recurrent synapses in hippocampus by Mishra, Rajiv K. Synaptotagmins ensure speed and efficiency of inhibitory neurotransmitter release by Chen, Chong Synthetic tools for optogenetic and chemogenetic inhibition of cellular signals by Kainrath, Stephanie The branched chain amino acids in autism spectrum disorders by Tarlungeanu, Dora The evolution of gene expression by copy number and point mutations by Tomanek, Isabella The free energy of a dilute two-dimensional Bose gas by Mayer, Simon The hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex during flexible behavior by Kaefer, Karola The hole system of triangulated shapes by Ölsböck, Katharina The implication of cytoskeletal dynamics during leukocyte migration by Kopf, Aglaja The influence of sequence context on the evolution of bacterial gene expression by Steinrück, Magdalena The lac operon in the wild by Jesse, Fabienne The role of a highly conserved major facilitator superfamily member in Drosophila embryonic macrophage migration by Valoskova, Katarina The role of CCK-interneurons in regulating hippocampal network dynamics by Rangel Guerrero, Damaris Ketino The role of pollinator-mediated selection in the maintenance of a flower color polymorphism in an Antirrhinum majus hybrid zone by Ellis, Thomas J. The subclonal evolution of cancer by Reiter, Johannes G. Theoretical foundations of multi-task and lifelong learning by Pentina, Anastasia Timing, variability and cross-protection in bacteria – Insights from dynamic gene expression responses to antibiotics by Mitosch, Karin Topological methods in geometry and discrete mathematics by Avvakumov, Sergey Tracking, correcting and absorbing water surface waves by Bojsen-Hansen, Morten Transcriptional regulation of macrophage migration in the Drosophila melanogaster embryo by Belyaeva, Vera Verifying concurrent programs: Refinement, synchronization, sequentialization by Kragl, Bernhard Weakly-supervised segmentation and unsupervised modeling of natural images by Kolesnikov, Alexander