New arrivals November 2021 RSS feed for public list New arrivals November 2021 A guide to experiments in quantum optics / by Bachor, H.-A. Algebraic groups and class fields : by Serre, Jean-Pierre, An editor's guide to writing and publishing science / by Hochberg, Michael Bioinformatics data skills / by Buffalo, Vince, Commutative algebra : by Bourbaki, Nicolas. Complex abelian varieties / by Birkenhake, Christina. Complex semisimple Lie algebras / by Serre, Jean-Pierre, Elements of mathematics / by Bourbaki, N. Elements of mathematics / by Bourbaki, Nicolas. Elements of x-ray diffraction / by Cullity, B. D. Elliptic cohomology / by Thomas, C. B. Extremal combinatorics : by Jukna, Stasys, Fundamentals of protein NMR spectroscopy / by Rule, Gordon S. Handbook of statistical genomics / Heat kernels and spectral theory. by Davies, E. B. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894) by Hertz, Heinrich Holacracy : by Robertson, Brian J., Illuminating the role of Cul3 in autism spectrum disorder pathogenesis by Morandell, Jasmin Lie groups and Lie algebras / by Bourbaki, Nicolas. Lie groups and Lie algebras / by Bourbaki, Nicolas. Lie groups and Lie algebras / by Bourbaki, Nicolas. Management 3.0 : by Appelo, Jurgen, Molecular modeling basics / by Jensen, Jan H., NMR data interpretation explained : by Jacobsen, Neil E., NMR of biomolecules : Novel insights into PIN polarity regulation during Arabidopsis development by Han, Huibin Perturbations of protein synthesis: from antibiotics to genetics and physiology by Kavčič, Bor Quantitative stochastic homogenization and large-scale regularity. Representation theory of semisimple groups : by Knapp, Anthony W. Sands, powders, and grains : by Duran, Jacques. Spin dynamics : by Levitt, Malcolm H. Statistical mechanics : by Sethna, James P., Statistical mechanics / by Pauli, Wolfgang, The evolution of gene expression by copy number and point mutations by Tomanek, Isabella The five dysfunctions of a team : by Lencioni, Patrick, The geometry and dynamics of magnetic monopoles / by Atiyah, Michael Francis, The geometry and physics of knots. by Atiyah, Michael Francis, The logic of chance : by Koonin, Eugene V. The probabilistic method by Alon, Noga Understanding NMR spectroscopy / by Keeler, James.