New Arrivals Dec 2019 RSS feed for public list New Arrivals Dec 2019 3264 and all that : by Eisenbud, David. Applications of Diophantine approximation to integral points and transcendence / by Corvaja, Pietro, Brauer groups and obstruction problems : Data-driven science and engineering : by Brunton, Steven L. Diophantine approximation / by Schmidt, Wolfgang M., Gauss sums, Kloosterman sums, and monodromy groups / by Katz, Nicholas M., Geometric invariant theory / by Mumford, David, Intersection theory by Fulton, William Introduction to toric varieties / by Fulton, William, Lie groups beyond an introduction / by Knapp, Anthony W. Quantum field theory : by Coleman, Sidney, Sheaf theory / by Bredon, Glen E. Sheaves on manifolds / by Kashiwara, Masaki, Some Problems of Unlikely Intersections in Arithmetic and Geometry by Zannier, Umberto. The adaptive seascape by Merrell, David J. The Hardy-Littlewood method / by Vaughan, R. C. The large sieve and its applications : by Kowalski, Emmanuel, The next pandemic : by Khan, Ali,