New arrivals May 2020 RSS feed for public list New arrivals May 2020 An introductory course in computational neuroscience / by Miller, Paul, Analytic methods for Diophantine equations and Diophantine inequalities / by Davenport, Harold, Applied stochastic analysis / by E, Weinan, Combating plagiarism : by Darr, Terry, Data management for researchers : by Briney, Kristin, Electron paramagnetic resonance of transition ions / by Abragam, A. Excellent online teaching by Aaron Johnson Hippocampal microcircuits : by Cutsuridis, Vassilis. Magnetic oscillations in metals by Shoenberg, David Modern condensed matter physics / by Girvin, Steven M., Moduli of curves by Harris, Joe Noncommutative geometry, quantum fields and motives by Connes, Alain Polynomials / by Prasolov, V. V. Population genetics by Gillespie, John H. Quantitative Biology of Endocytosis by Berro, Julien Rosalind Franklin by Maddox, Brenda Supersymmetry and equivariant de Rham theory / by Guillemin, Victor, The digital cell : by Royle, Stephen J., The neuroethology of predation and escape / by Sillar, Keith T. What mad pursuit : by Crick, Francis, Wie Maschinen lernen by Kersting, Kristian