New arrivals Oct 2020 RSS feed for public list New arrivals Oct 2020 A dominant character by Subramanian, Samanth Applied cryptography : by Schneier, Bruce, Chrysalis by Todd, Kim Computers and intractability by Garey, Michael R. Cryptography engineering : by Kohno, Tadayoshi. Efflux-mediated antimicrobial resistance in bacteria : Exploring research data management by Cox, Andrew M. Humankind: A Hopeful History by Bregman, Rutger Ignorance : by Firestein, Stuart. Introduction to modern cryptography / by Katz, Jonathan, Lab girl / by Jahren, Hope. Lectures on gas theory / by Boltzmann, Ludwig, Mathematical foundations of information theory by ChinĨin, Aleksandr Ja. Memory, attention, and decision-making : by Rolls, Edmund T. On bullshit / by Frankfurt, Harry G., On truth by Frankfurt, Harry G. Quantum mechanics by Feynman, Richard P. Routledge handbook of public communication of science and technology / The idea of the brain : by Cobb, Matthew,