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245 1 0 _aApplications of Mathematics and Informatics in Military Science
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_cedited by Nicholas J. Daras.
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490 1 _aSpringer Optimization and Its Applications,
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505 0 _aForeword -- Preface -- Table of Contents -- 1. The Significance of Research and Development for the National Defence and its Relation with the Military University Institutions (N. Uzunoglu) -- 2. Selected Topics in Critical Element Detection (J.L. Walteros, P.M. Pardalos) -- 3. Study of Engagement with Mobile Targets (S. Tassopoulos) -- 4. Solving an Electromagnetic Scattering Problem in Chiral Media (C. Athanasiadis, S. Dimitroula, K. Skourogiannis) -- 5. Orthonormality in Interpolation Schemes for Reconstructing Signals (N.J. Daras) -- 6. Computer Graphics Techniques in Military Applications (D. Christou, A. Danelakis, M. Mitrouli, D. Triantafyllou) -- 7. Numerical Optimization for the Length Problem (C. Kravvaritis, M. Mitrouli) -- 8. Adaptive Policies for Sequential Sampling under Incomplete Information and a Cost Constraint (A. Burnetas, O. Kanavetas) -- 9. On a Lanchester Combat Model (G. Kaimakamis, N. B. Zographopoulos -- 10. Land Warfare and Complexity (S. Dionysios) -- 11. Wavelet Transform in remote sensing with Implementation in edge detection and noise reduction (P. N. Michalis) -- 12. Optimal Orbital Coverage of Theater Operations and Targets (V. Oikonomou) -- 13. A Birdʼs-Eye View of Modern Symmetric Cryptography from Combinatorial Designs (C. Koukouvinos, D.E. Simos) -- 14. On the Weak Convergence of an Empirical Estimator of the Discrete-Time Semi-Markov Kernel (S. Georgiadis, N. Limnios) -- 15. Analysis methods for unreplicated factorial experiments (P. Angelopoulos, C. Koukouvinos, A. Skountzou).
520 _aAnalysis, assessment, and data management are core tools required for operation research analysts. The April 2011 conference held at the Helenic Army Academy addressed these topics with efforts to collect valuable recommendations for improving analysts’ capabilities to assess and communicate necessary qualitative data to military leaders.   This unique volume is comprised of contributions from the fields of science, mathematics, and the military, and includes a foreword written by the general manager of the NATO Consultation Command and Control Agency (NC3A).  This work will be of  interest to a diverse audience including military operations research analysts, the military community at large, and practitioners working with mathematical methods and applications to informatics and military science. Applications of Mathematics and Informatics in Military Science  covers  a wide variety of mathematical methods used with application to defense and security.  Each contribution considers directions and pursuits of scientists that pertain to the military as well as the theoretical background required for methods, algorithms, and techniques used in military applications.  The direction of theoretical results in these applications is conveyed and open problems and future areas of focus are highlighted.   Topics covered include: applied OR and military applications, signal processing, scattering, scientific computing and applications, combat simulation and statistical modeling, satellite remote sensing, and applied informatics (cryptography and coding).
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