Did you mean: Field theory and polynomials -- Differential and difference algebra -- Differential algebra. Group theory and generalizations -- Linear algebraic groups and related topics -- Linear algebraic groups over finite fields. Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory -- Basic linear algebra -- Max-plus and related algebras. Convex and discrete geometry -- Polytopes and polyhedra -- Lattice polytopes (including relations with commutative algebra and algebraic geometry). Nonassociative rings and algebras -- Other nonassociative rings and algebras -- Alternative rings. Nonassociative rings and algebras -- Jordan algebras (algebras, triples and pairs) -- Jordan structures associated with other structures. Algebraic geometry -- Foundations -- Generalizations (algebraic spaces, stacks). Algebraic topology -- Applied homological algebra and category theory [See also 18Gxx] -- Abstract complexes. School on Algebraic and Co-algebraic Methods in the Mathematics of Program Construction (2000 : University of Oxford) International Conference on Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms and Error Correcting Codes, AAECC-6 (6 : 04-07-1988 - 08-07-1988 : Rome, Italy) International Conference on Applicable Algebra, Error-Correcting Codes, Combinatorics and Computer Algebra, AAECC (4 : 1986 - 26-09-1986 : Karlsruhe, FRG) Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra in Computer Science Conference (1988 : Ames, Iowa) Algebraic topology Algebraic topology Algebraische Topologie Algebra, Abstract Algebraic topology Algebras, Linear Lineare Algebra Algebraische Kombinatorik

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